We want you to look forward to the dentist.

With your teeth and tongue, you eat and talk. With your lips and gums, you kiss and smile. People really care about their mouths. But they don’t like going to the dentist. And for good reason.

Lack of trust. Feeling judged. Discomfort. Dentists recognise these frustrations. They know dental isn’t working the way it should. And they, too, want to make it better.

That’s why our team decided to remake the entire experience. We combine treatment you trust with a team who’ll never judge, an environment that soothes, and products that delight.

We want you to feel amazing about your oral wellness. Not just twice a year, but every time you take a bite, tell a joke, laugh, or share a kiss.

We put your safety first.

We prioritise safety with health checks, contactless check-in, enhanced PPE, and more.

Dr Maziar Gorjifar

Dr Maziar Gorjifar DDS (GDC No-77706) graduated from Malmö University –Sweden, faculty of odontology in 2000.

With a keen interest in Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as complex Smile Makeovers using Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Crowns, Dental Implants and Dental Veneers, he has developed his practice to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for people looking to transform their smiles.

Our dentists aren't paid any commission on procedures.

Most dentists are paid a commission on procedures. This can lead to more procedures than you need. We have eliminated this in our Practice, and our team love it!

It lets them focus on providing outstanding care, instead of worrying about their productivity.
The team at Pearl Fine Dental Care, Bournemouth's Premier Private and Cosmetic Dentist

Our technology is state of the art.

Safety first

We prioritise safety with health checks, contactless check-in, enhanced PPE, and more.

Holistic dentistry

Our studios offer a full range of dental services, from exams to implants and veneers.

State of the art tech

We invest in the latest technology that allow us to produce more accurate diagnoses, deliver more beautiful aesthetics, and make your experience more comfortable.

No judgement ever

From sweet tooths to wonky smiles, every mouth is welcome at Pearl Fine Dental Care.

The care at Pearl Fine Dental Care isn’t just gentle, it’s something to smile about.

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