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A 90-minute exam that’s so much more than routine.

We’ve reimagined every detail of your dental exam.

At Pearl Fine Dental Care we provide an exam that’s designed to prevent problems, instead of just solving them.
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We make a superhuman effort to start every visit on time. If you do have to wait, you probably won’t even have time for a cup of coffee to cool down.

We have considered your safety at every stage of your visit, and will provide a contactless check-in, collecting your details digitally.
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Very competent and professional care to deal with a difficult problem that previous dentists haven't been able to fix. Highly recommend!

Calum McDonald
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Amazing Dentist. Looked after as soon as i walked through the door, making sure i was comfortable and felt no pain. Talked me through every step of the procedure. Would highly recommend them.

Teresa Cawley
Google review for Pearl Fine Dental Care

What a great service I had at Pearl Fine Dental Care. Maziar and Natasha were such a good team and reassuring.

Tom Woodley

Frequently asked questions

What Is Included In An Initial Dental Consultation?

During your initial consultation, X-rays and photographs may be taken. We encourage our patients to view these as part of our team, enabling a greater understanding of any procedures which may follow.

We are then able to provide you with an itemised treatment plan and answer any questions that you may have.

Why do you take X-rays as part of my dental exam?

To make diagnosis easier and more accurate, Dr. Gorjifar uses digital x-rays.

Computer X-rays are:

  • Safer, meaning 70% less radiation that conventional x-rays, and
  • Faster, five seconds from mouth to computer screen.
What other equipment could I expect you to use during my dental consultation?

Dr. Gorjifar uses cameras that go into your mouth to show you your problems and your progress.

But as exciting as all this technology is, his unique system isn’t designed to dazzle patients; it’s to give them dazzling smiles.

What can I expect after my dental exam?

At Pearl Fine Dental Care we like to ensure that you have all the necessary information to make an informed and educated decision at every stage of your dental care.

Dr. Gorjifar is committed to ensuring that every patient be fully aware of all of the treatment options that are available to them. He will spend the time necessary to educated and inform you of all of your treatment options during your initial consultation.

Dr. Gorjifar will  also explore all of the treatment options available to you, along with an itemised cost of any treatment plan. This enables you to take control of your oral health and your finances, choosing the options that work best for your individual situation.

What if I cannot afford your recommended treatment plan in one payment?

As a private dental practice, we recognise the need for affordable, quality dental care.

We will work with you to find a treatment plan that will satisfy both your need for quality care and any financial concerns that you may have. We are also pleased to offer affordable financing options for your dental care.

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