A denture is a removable prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. Commonly referred to as ‘false teeth’, a denture is usually made of acrylic or a combination of acrylic and metal.

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When a person loses their teeth, facial muscles can sage, making them look older.

Replacing those teeth can help fill out the appearance of their face and profile, making a person look younger and improving their smile. Anyone who has lost their teeth, due to injury, gum disease, or any number of reasons, will want to replace their teeth.

Dental dentures is one way to do that.
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Amazing Dentist. Looked after as soon as i walked through the door, making sure i was comfortable and felt no pain. Talked me through every step of the procedure. Would highly recommend them.

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What a great service I had at Pearl Fine Dental Care. Maziar and Natasha were such a good team and reassuring.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to make dentures?

Depending on the complexity of each case, the duration of the treatment will vary. After the initial visit of examination and diagnosis, the subsequent visits will include taking impressions of the mouth, bite registration, try-in of the denture, fitting and review.

What to expect with new dentures?

New dentures always feel strange when first placed in your mouth. Several days or weeks will be required before you get accustomed to them. Adaptation varies with different persons and often time and experience are essential before dentures can be worn comfortably and function effectively.

Do dentures affect how I eat?

Eating will take a little practice. Start with soft foods and foods cut into small pieces will help. Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth at the same time to prevent dentures from tipping. Once you become accustomed to chewing, include other foods until you return to your normal diet.

What are the side effects of dentures?

You may experience an increase in salivary flow when the dentures are first inserted. This is a natural response of the salivary glands that will return to normal after a few weeks. You can improve the situation by swallowing more often.

Minor irritation caused by surface irregularities or pressure spots on the denture-bearing areas are quite common. Your dentist will relieve the discomfort by adjusting the denture surface. Stop wearing the denture if the irritation is very painful. Consult your dentist immediately.

What are dentures?

When most of your natural teeth are weak or missing, you may need to consider false teeth, or dentures.

While many people think of dentures as something that only older people would consider, many people can benefit from a great set of dentures. If dental implants aren’t right for you, and you need more than a couple of teeth replaced, natural looking dentures can give you that perfect smile!

Dentures have come a long way recently, and with our state of the art surgery, we can make them look exactly like real teeth!

Do dentures affect your speech?

New dentures may alter your speech initially. Pronouncing certain words may require practice. Reading out loud and repeating troublesome words will speed up the adaptation process. This problem rarely persists beyond two weeks.

Where can I get dentures?

Pearl Fine Dental Care in Bournemouth is a gentle, holistic dentist practice. We believe in educating patients on all of the avenues of treatment available to them. If dental dentures are the right course for you, we can design and place your dentures at our Southbourne office.

To discuss your dentures in Bournemouth, contact us for a consultation today!

Can cosmetic dentistry help me regain my confidence?

Conquer the world with a brilliant smile! By having a brilliant smile, it will help you regain the confidence that you may have once lost. No more hanging back! Make the change today by popping into our private dental surgery near Bournemouth!

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